Battery Replacement

For many years, the removable and replaceable battery that many non-Apple mobile phones come with as standard was seen as a major selling point. Plus, news that Apple phones might have a naturally degrading battery capacity means that it really is a matter of when not if your battery will pack in. But we can solve this problem for you with our iPhone battery replacement service.

Wait, you can replace an iPhone battery?

While the average user might not know how to replace an iPhone battery, we have the skills and the technology to get a flagging battery life back up to 100%. Common symptoms include:


  • Regularly recharging your phone – noticing big drops in remaining battery when under high performance, such as watching a film or playing a game.
  • Reduced performance


If you’ve noticed any of these issues, then you should definitely get in touch and we can replace your failing iPhone battery with a brand new one.


How does it work?

Simply book your repair online or visit our store and we will be able to safely open up the device, remove and responsibly dispose of your old battery and fit a brand-new battery ready to bring your phone back to its former glory.