iPhone Unlocking

Phone Unlocking

Many of us buy mobile phones which are locked to the service provider’s network, without even thinking about it. Service providers usually claim that because they sell handsets at a reduced rate, they should ensure that the phone stays locked to their own network. But as a handset owner, this limits your freedom in a lot of ways.

Remote iPhone Unlocking – Unlock Your iPhone via Call

Suppose you find out that a mobile network other than your own has a great bundle of calls, texts and data at a very reasonable price? However, you think you can’t switch to the other network because your phone is locked to your original network. So what can you do? The answer is simple. Get your phone unlocked.  We have highly trained technicians who specialise in phone unlocking.

If you have recently upgraded your mobile phone and your old phone is working well, why not get in unlocked. Doing so, you can give a family member or friend your old phone. Get your old phone unlocked, restore the factory settings and tell your family member or friend to insert their SIM card. It will work perfectly well.

Freedom From The Network

When you find yourself using an unlocked phone, you’ll find you have a lot more freedom to use the mobile your own way.

  • You can still use the same network. But you’re not tied to it. Now, if you notice that another network is offering a better deal on calls, texts and data, you’re free to switch your network and keep your handset.
  • If the phone is still working well when you switch to another handset, you can give it to another family member. Insert a new SIM card into it, from a network of your choice and it will work well.
  • If you visit a neighbouring country (like Ireland), you can insert a local SIM card and make local calls at reasonable cost, instead of paying roaming charges to your service provider.


Is It Legal To Unlock Your Phone?

Yes, it is. Unlock your phone and enjoy the freedom. Unlocking is perfectly legal. It’s ‘unblocking’ that’s illegal. If a stolen phone, blocked from the network by its owner comes into your possession, unblocking the handset would be a crime. But you’re perfectly within your rights to unlock your mobile phone from the original network. The choice is ours.