Screen Repair

iPhone Screen Repair

Even if your smartphone is covered in a case with a tempered glass protector, its screen will always be at risk of being damaged; dropping a phone is a common occurrence for most and there are so many other ways to scratch, scuff, crack or break it. But even with these precautions, the simple design of a glass screen will always be the most fragile part of a phone and easily damaged.

Despite your best efforts to keep your phone safe, you may eventually find yourself dealing with a broken screen and the question of how or whether you should repair it. Instead of buying a completely new phone, first, consider these reasons why you should get it repaired by us.

1. Experienced Technicians

In this day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not carrying around a touchscreen smartphone. If you’ve broken your phone screen, rest assured you’re not the first person who’s done so. You’re also not the first person who’s considered getting it repaired. Because it’s so common, and in addition to their training, our team of technicians have become well-versed and experienced in screen repairs and they’re the best option to get the job done right.

2. Warranty

We offer a 12-month warranty that guarantee the quality of your product. If it fails, you know you can always take it back and have it fixed at no extra cost. If you’re trying to replace or repair your own screen, you will have to accept any additional costs if the screen doesn’t work or you damage your phone further in the process of fixing it.

3. Recover Data

If your screen or the entire phone stops working, you might be worried about how you’ll recover all of your data; for some, a broken phone means no access to their saved pictures, videos, contacts, notes and more stored on the device. By bringing your phone to us means we may be able to recover any data that could potentially be lost in the process. If you try to replace or repair your screen yourself, damaging internal components could result in the loss of priceless data.

4. OEM Parts

Repairing your phone’s screen yourself may seem like the most cost-effective solution to a damaged phone, but you ultimately get what you pay for. Third-party replacements might be cheap, but they’re also usually cheaply made. By visiting us, you’ll receive OEM parts and quality service so you can get your phone back to the way it was.

5. Cost-effective

Ultimately, repairing or replacing your screen is the most cost-effective solution when dealing with damage. While you could take it as an opportunity to get a completely new device, screen repairs are a fraction of the price and will make your device and its touchscreen perform like new again.

A broken screen may seem like a lost cause at the time but having it repaired is a great way to salvage your device and save money.