Water Damage Repair

iPhone Water Damage

Have you dropped your iPhone in water? Don’t worry this doesn’t have to spell the end of the line for your phone.

iPhones that have been damaged by water are our speciality and even if there are no signs that your phone may still be working, the chances are high that we will be able to fix it for you.

As well as fixing your iPhone we will also run some internal diagnostics on it and will clean all of the parts inside before returning it to you in full working order.

How the Service Works

When we receive a damaged iPhone the first step we take is to run a full diagnostic examination on it. This will tell us whether the phone can be fixed and how much work will be needed to fix it. When parts have failed completely we will contact you to inform you of any charges that may be incurred to replace the parts. Where it is not possible to repair the phone, we will return it to you with no more to pay. Our success rate with iPhones that have suffered water damage is over 90% so we will usually get it back to you in full working order.

Same day repairs

We don’t believe in keeping you waiting to find out what has happened to your phone. Instead we carry out repairs as soon as we get our hands on your phone to keep the wait to a minimum. There will be no long wait to find out about the repair status, so you can go about your business in the knowledge that your phone will be repaired and returned to you as swiftly as possible.

Can all water damage be repaired?

While not every case of water damage can be fixed, in the vast majority of cases it is possible to bring the phone back to full functionality. Where we replace parts, it may even work better than it did before you dropped it! We can repair almost all phones, even when they have been exposed to the following types common of water damage:

– Dropped into the sea

– Dropped into the toilet

– Put into the washing machine for a full cycle

– Damaged by heavy rain while being carried in your pocket

If you’ve dropped your phone into water and it has stopped working then contact us now and we can most likely fix it for you. Water damage rarely spells the end of life for an iPhone so you can get back up and running with your digital life in no time at all.