Best prices for simple mobile phones in UK

Best prices for simple mobile phones in UK

Best prices for simple mobile phones in UK

At iMobile, you'll find a huge selection of the latest cell phones for sale, along with an extensive assortment of top-rated cellphones and simple mobile phones. iMobile is also a center of information, where you’ll find buying guides and helpful resources to help you decide which of the latest models will suit you. Selecting a phone best-suited for you and your family is a big decision that’s why we offer a large selection of mobile phones. Visit any of our iMobile outlet, if you're looking for new cell phones with an affordable price, and we will help you in the best way possible to get you the phone you want.

iMobile is best known for its affordable prices and customer service in UK. We pride ourselves in selling cellphones at reasonable prices. We offer best prices from simple mobile phones to latest smart phones. You can visit our website to stay updated on the latest cell phone launches and special offers on related items like accessories and services. Once you have found the best phone for your lifestyle, don’t forget to stock up on all the gadgets and accessories to keep it in great working shape. Shop cell phone cases and screen protectors designed to add protection or style to your specific phone model, or keep your device fully charged at all times with handy wireless chargers and power banks

Here are some Simple Mobile Phones with Best Prices:

Nokia 105 S/S:

Nokia 105 S/S (Single sim)is available at best price in UK. Nokia 105 is an easy to use mobile phone that comes with multiple features. Make the conversation last even longer, with a long-lasting battery that lets you chat for hours. Giving you one less reason to say goodbye. It was released in September, 2019. It has a single sim slot. At iMobile, we sell this phone for just £24.99.

Nokia 105 D/S:

NOKIA 105 D/S (Dual sim) is a durable phone with an ergonomically contoured design that fits perfectly in your hand. It has a removable Li-lon 800 mAh battery which have a stand-by time of 619 hours. With capacity for up to 2,000 contacts there’s enough room for everyone. Plus, there’s space to store up to 500 SMS, so there’s loads of space for all your messages too. It’s price at iMobile is £24.99.

Nokia 106 D/S:

Made from tough polycarbonate, Nokia 106 is built to last. Its inherent coloring means the color runs through the material, which makes scratches less detectable. Thanks to the contoured design, Nokia 106 fits perfectly in your hand. Nokia 106 doesn’t let you down: its battery lasts weeks between charges and you can talk over fifteen hours on a single charge. You can also use a standard USB charger to power up. It is available at our store in just £25.99.

Samsung E1205:

If you want reliability in one simple phone you need to go for Samsung E1205, Samsung E1205 increases the durability of its battery with super long standby time up to 30 days, New rubber anti-dust keypad is both designed for utmost usability in Samsung E1205, You’ll revel at how easy it is to access your important functions including call history and phone contacts. You can get this mobile phone in just £26.99 at iMobile.

Sonica M3:

The Sonica M3 is a basic but power packed feature phone that comes with an affordable price and looks great. It is a stylish and compact phone, with Dual SIM slot that allows users to maintain two distinct GSM numbers on the same mobile phone. The Sonica M3 comes equipped with loads of great multimedia attributes to keep you entertained while on the move. It is available in just £21.99 at iMobile.

Alcatel 1066:

The Alcatel 1066 is highly esteemed as the 'best affordable feature phone', according to Alcatel. It has a single rear camera and is available in a range of colors from grey to mint blue. The display is 1.8 inches, and the color quality is excellent. Alcatel 1066 battery life is pretty impressive as it does not carry the bloat ware that many of the higher end phones do, so you can have a standby time of around about 300 hours and an active talk time of 7.5 hours which is more than respectable. You can get this phone in just £19.99 from our store.

iMobile is the fastest growing technology brand, specialized in selling phones, laptops, tablets and all sorts of gadgets and accessories. iMobile offers repair services including screen replacement to complex damages for all sorts of electrical devices.

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