Important Things To Check Before Buying A New Powerbank

Important Things To Check Before Buying A New Powerbank

Important Things To Check Before Buying A New Powerbank

Smartphones today undeniably are the most important gadgets of our lives. Work, home, on the go or off to a vacation. It goes wherever we go but no matter what the battery size of the phone is, it is of use only till it is charged. What is the solution in that case? While carrying a wired mobile charger is not feasible when out, a smart power bank or a portable battery charger comes handy. Though the market is flooded with a variety of power banks, buying one is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things one has to keep in mind while buying the same. We decided to list down a few important things to check before buying a new power bank for your smartphone.

What is the size of the power bank?

The most important factor is the size of the power bank. You would want the power bank to be able to charge your phone fully at one go. That’s possible only if the capacity of the charger is equal or more than the capacity of the phone battery. Remember, if you plan to use this power bank to charge other gadgets like a laptop or a tablet, you would need a power bank with all the more bigger mAh capacities.

How long does the power bank take to get charged and for how long can it hold the charge for?

A power bank with larger capacities might take long to get charged. So, look for a charger with Quick-charge input in case you need a bigger power bank. On the other hand, good quality power bank should be able to hold the charge for at least 3-6 months and this capacity deteriorates with time. So, prefer a charger that can hold the charge for long. What is the point of buying a power bank that itself needs frequent charging?

What is the Size, Weight and other specifications?

Another very important factor to know is the size, weight and other specifications like fast charging abilities, multiple charging ports, USB Type-C port, in-built USB cable, warranty coverage etc. If you want to make the most out of a power bank, you would want it with more and more facilities. The size and weight would also vary upon the usage. A power bank with larger capacities could be bulky. So, take a call according to your usage.

What are various quality brands available in the market?

Just like any other gadget, online research before buying a power bank is a must. Read some reviews, make a comparison and then buy. Whatever you decide, don’t compromise on quality. If the quality is poor, the power bank will get heated up fast and can damage the devices. So, going for a known branded option is safe. Look for the best quality power banks at the lowest prices.

What is the charge conversion rate?

Most of the decent charges offer about 75-85 % charge conversion which means a 5000 mAh battery pack can charge a 3500 mAh phone at one go. So, calculate according to your usage and buy a portable charger or a power bank with a good conversion rate.

Does it have a power indicator?

A tiny LED light that indicates the reserve energy in the power bank is very important to know the current status of the charger. That’s how you get to know if it is time for the charger to get charged.

What are the other important features it has?

If possible, look for a power bank with power-cut and auto-cut feature. The auto cut feature would prevent the power bank from getting overcharged and a power-cut feature would ensure the safety of the gadget in case of a short circuit as it would automatically cut-off power to the phone.

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