Steps to take before sending your Smartphone for Mobile Repair

Steps to take before sending your Smartphone for Mobile Repair

Steps to take before sending your Smartphone for Mobile Repair

While smartphones have become really essential in our daily lives, there could be a possibility that you may end up damaging it. We understand how heartbreaking it can be to break an expensive smartphone.

Sometimes, your mobile can be repaired by simply following some nifty tips and tricks. However, you might need an expert and a good Service Center to handle extensive damages to your mobile phone.

But before you decide to head out to the service center for mobile repair, there are a couple of things one needs to keep in mind before you give away.

Step 1: Visit a trusted and certified Service center

By going to a trusted and certified service center, you can keep the worry of data breaching, leaking of personal information at bay. Also, if the technician is unqualified, you may end up in risking to a whole new problem from the one, to why you went to the repair shop in the first place. Whether you want to get your iPhone repaired or Android phone repaired, it is always better to use referrals instead of going somewhere blindly.

Step 2: Remove your SIM Card

This may sound very obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Your SIM card can be used in many unethical ways. So, it is always better to keep yourself away from troubles.

With the SIM ejector tool you can easily eject and use the existing SIM card in any other smartphone and continue using, until it gets repaired. Make sure to keep the ejector tool handy!

Step 3: Give all the damage information

Most of us have a tendency to continue using our phones even after it has a broken screen, battery problems etc... Until a time when they cannot be used anymore. It is always recommended to give a detailed report of the damage caused to your cell phone. This will help the mobile phone repairer to repair and address all the issues in one instance.

Step 4: Remove Security locks/PIN

When you visit the Service center to get your cell phone repaired, the next step is to disable PIN, pattern lock, face ID or fingerprint authentication. This would allow the technicians to diagnose and repair your cell phone easily and also ensure the accuracy of the repaired done, which can otherwise be left unsure if you forget to remove your password.

Step 5: Backup and Reset

Today, everything is digitized. From your contacts, important documents to even your personal and professional data; almost everything is stored and saved on our phones. On removal of security locks from your phone, all these details are at risk. Be sure to take a full back up of your data before handing over the mobile phone for repair.

By resetting your phone, this would remove all your data and set the phone back to the default.

By following the above mentioned steps will not only ensure your cell phone is repaired but also make you feel secure of your phone and personal information stored in it. And this is all you want. Don’t you?

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