Audio Aux to 2 RCA L/R Cable 1.5M


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Want it by Tuesday 27th Feb? Order within 05 hours and
33 mins

Experience unparalleled audio connectivity with our high-quality Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M. This cable ensures a seamless transmission of stereo audio for a range of multimedia applications. Whether you're connecting your smartphone to your home stereo system or setting up your professional audio equipment, our cable delivers crystal-clear sound quality without compromise. Dive into the specifics below to discover how this indispensable accessory can elevate your audio experience.

Optimal Audio Quality:

The Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M is equipped with precision-engineered connectors designed to optimize your audio experience. Featuring one 3.5mm male jack and two RCA stereo L/R audio connectors (left white, right red), this cable ensures a seamless and secure connection between your devices. The clear colour coding of the RCA connectors facilitates easy and correct setup, preventing any potential confusion and ensuring that audio channels are accurately aligned for impeccable sound quality.


The Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M excels in providing a versatile connection solution for a wide array of audio needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your home audio experience by connecting your PC or notebook to a subwoofer, CD, VCD, or DVD player, or aiming to project sound from your computer to your TV or LCD TV, this cable has you covered. Its universal design and superior sound transmission capabilities make it suitable for general audio applications. This cable is the perfect link between your digital devices and your audio output sources, offering a seamless bridge to elevate your listening experience.

Optimal Length for Flexible Placement:

With a cable length of 1.5 meters, the Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M provides the perfect balance of flexibility and convenience. Whether you're connecting audio devices across a small room or organizing your home entertainment setup, this cable offers ample length to accommodate various configurations.

Durability: Fully Molded Construction:

The Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M features a fully molded construction that enhances its durability and longevity. This robust design is complemented by gold-plated connectors, which not only add an elegant touch but also provide superior protection against corrosion. This combination ensures that your cable remains in top condition, maintaining its ability to deliver high-quality audio signals over time.

Portable Convenience with Lightweight Design:

The Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M offers unparalleled convenience with its easy-to-carry, lightweight design. Compact and portable, this cable is the perfect travel companion for audiophiles on the go. Whether you're packing it into your laptop bag for a business trip or slipping it into your backpack for a weekend getaway, its small size ensures hassle-free transportation.

Ready to Make a Purchase:

If you’re ready to buy a Audio Aux to 2 RCA LR Cable 1.5M, but you are having questions regarding the product! Get in touch. Connect with us by dropping us a message through our website. Our team is ready to assist and address any inquiries you may have regarding our product.

Product Name: Audio Aux to 2 RCA L/R Cable 1.5M

Connector: 1 x 3.5mm - male jack to 2 x RCA Stereo L/R audio (Left White, Right Red)

Connect from PC/Notebook to Sub Woofer, CD, VCD, DVD Player

Connect from PC/Notebook to TV, LCD TV (Sound from PC/Notebook To Your TV)

Suitable for General Audio Applications.

Cable Length 1.5m

Gold-plated connectors provide superior protection against corrosion

Fully Molded Construction

Plug and Play

Easy To Carry: Small, Light Weight Convenient To Use

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