Budi 2 in 1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable DC231TTL10B


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Want it by Tuesday 5th Mar? Order within 23 hours and
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Look into the Budi 2-in-1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable (Model: DC231TTL10B)! This versatile cable is tailored to boost your charging and data synchronization requirements, presenting an effective option for many devices. Featuring distinct Power Delivery (PD) capabilities of 65W and 20W, it emerges as an innovative option for those valuing quick charging and reliable data transfer. Keep reading to explore the qualities that render the Budi 2-in-1 cable a must-have cable for charging your devices.

Dual Power Delivery (PD) Support:

The Budi 2-in-1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable comes with its Dual Power Delivery (PD) Support, an attribute that amplifies its charging flexibility. The cable's special design allows it to handle two different power outputs – 65W and 20W. This adaptability makes it perfect for many devices.

Efficient Data Transfer:

The Budi 2-in-1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable not only stands out for its swift charging but also excels in speedy data transfer. This feature is especially beneficial for users seeking effortless data syncing across their devices. With its rapid data transfer capability, the cable enables prompt and dependable synchronization of files, photos, music, and other format of data.


The Budi 2-in-1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable sets itself apart through its sturdy build, particularly due to its aluminum shell. This aspect improves the cable's endurance and lifespan. The aluminum, recognized for being strong and lightweight, offers solid external protection, safeguarding the cable against physical damage and everyday wear.


Designed for broad compatibility, the Budi 2-in-1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable, model DC231TTL10B, is an adaptable tool perfect for various electronic devices. This cable's unique feature to effortlessly alternate between 65W and 20W Power Delivery (PD) makes it ideal for numerous devices.

Interested in Buying?

If the Budi 2-in-1 65W/20W PD Charge/Sync Cable (Model: DC231TTL10B) catches your attention or if you have any questions about our product, feel free to get in touch with our team or Visit our website for comprehensive details. Our dedicated staff is on standby to assist and address any inquiries you might have concerning this innovative cable.

Brand: BUDI

Connector Type: USB Type C, Lightning

Cable Type: Charging & Data Sync

Compatible Devices: Charging Adapter

Special Feature: Fast Charging

Made with sturdy nylon braiding and a reinforced metal cap for extra durability

transfer speed up to 5Gbps

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