Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable (5 in 1 Video Transfer) GD- 8296


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Want it by Tuesday 5th Mar? Order within 13 hours and
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In today's dynamic world of home entertainment, the Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable (5 in 1 Video Transfer) GD-8296 emerges as a multifaceted solution, equipped with various ports catering to diverse needs. This versatile 5-in-1 cable is built to suit the requirements of contemporary homes, offering a comprehensive audio-visual solution. Dive into this interactive guide to uncover the unique features and functionalities that render the Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable an essential component of your home entertainment system.

High-Quality HDMI Cable:

The Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable GD-8296 stands out as a high-performance HDMI solution, offering unparalleled 1080P HD image quality. Aimed at users, who are seeking the finest visual experience, this 5-in-1 video transfer cable blends performance with design. The robust metal shell construction ensures durability and reliable signal transmission, minimizing interference and ensuring a pristine, sharp image.

Simultaneous Audio and Video Transmission with 3D Support:

The Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable GD-8296 provides a flawless audio-visual experience, capable of transmitting both audio and video concurrently. Additionally, the GD-8296 elevates your viewing experience by supporting 3D content, bringing a cinematic dimension to your screen. Its fusion of audio features with 3D capabilities makes it an ideal choice for a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Type-C, Lightning, and Micro Interface Options:

The Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable GD-8296 also features interface options including Type-C, Lightning, and Micro. This adaptability makes the cable an ideal solution for a multitude of devices. Whether you're connecting a modern smartphone with a Type-C port, an Apple device via the Lightning connector, or older gadgets with a Micro interface, the GD-8296 ensures seamless compatibility without additional adapters.

Coaxial Design with Easy Plug and Play Feature:

The Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable GD-8296 stands out with its sophisticated coaxial design, enhancing signal integrity and providing superior video quality. This design reduces signal loss and interference, guaranteeing superior transmission quality. The cable's plug-and-play capability enables easy setup, eliminating the need for complex software installation or configuration changes. Users can plug the cable into their devices and instantly experience high-definition audio and video.

Durable and Efficient:

The Go-Des Metal Shell HDTV Cable GD-8296 is encased in a robust metal shell, ensuring exceptional durability and protection for the internal components. This premium construction is enhanced with top-notch copper wires, crucial for effective signal transmission and minimizing signal loss. Moreover, its resilience is built by a nylon-braided cable cover, which not only offers additional protection from physical harm but also helps avoid cable tangling.

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Brand: Go-Des

Model: GD- 8296

High-quality HDMI cable

1080P HD image quality

Support for simultaneous audio and video transmission

3D Support

Type-C, Lightning, and Micro interface options

Plug and play feature

Coaxial design Communication standard 19 pins

High-quality copper wires

Nylon braided cable sheath

Metal alloy body material

Strong conductive connection Compatible with HDMI-supported devices such as TV, monitor, camera, and laptop

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