Go-Des USB-C to HDTV+VGA Converter GD-8280


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Want it by Tuesday 5th Mar? Order within 23 hours and
37 mins

Introducing the Go-Des USB-C to HDTV+VGA Converter GD-8280. This multifunctional device is crafted for those with USB-C-compatible gadgets, offering a sleek and compact way to link your device with HDTV or VGA displays. Explore the innovative features that elevate this converter to a must-have tool for anyone looking for improved connection and display choices.

HDTV and VGA Connectivity:

Elevate your connectivity with the Go-Des GD-6829 USB-C Hub, enhancing your experience with dual display options embracing HDTV and VGA connectivity. This compact hub opens up possibilities to link your devices to a range of screens, whether it is a high-definition TV or a classic VGA monitor.

High-Resolution Video Support:

The Go-Des USB-C Hub shines bright in its ability to swiftly and safely transfer data while delivering outstanding video support. With an HDMI input supporting a dazzling 4K Ultra HD display, this hub offers users breathtaking, high-resolution visuals—perfect for enjoying HD content, intricate graphic design tasks, or delivering detailed presentations. Moreover, the hub comes equipped with a VGA input supporting 2K HD video, ensuring versatility in display options and compatibility with an array of monitors and projectors.

VGA Output for Legacy Display Devices:

The Go-Des GD-6829 USB-C Hub acknowledges the importance of legacy technology by including a VGA output. This feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of older display devices, such as projectors that require a VGA connection. The ability to connect to these devices is crucial in environments where newer digital interfaces are not available, making the GD-6829 a versatile and essential tool.

Display Modes:

The Go-Des GD-6829 USB-C Hub enhances the user experience with its adaptable display modes, including the Copy and Expand Mode. The Copy Mode allows users to mirror their device's screen onto an external display, perfect for sharing content in meetings or classrooms. On the other hand, the Expand Mode extends the user's desktop, providing additional screen real estate, which is invaluable for multitasking, complex workflows, or simply enjoying a more expansive view.

Convenient Design with Optimal Cable Length:

The Go-Des GD-6829 USB-C Hub is designed with a cable length ranging between 0.5 m and 0.9 m. This optimal length strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and convenience. The cable length of the GD-6829 is ideal for maintaining a tidy workspace while providing sufficient reach for comfortable setup and access.

Considering a Purchase?

If the Go-Des USB-C to HDTV+VGA Converter GD-8280 has caught your interest and you have any questions regarding our product, our team is ready to assist you. Contact us at 0800 688 9399 or explore our website for more information.

Product Brand: Go-Des

Model Number: GD-8280

Cable End 2 Type: Multiple Types

Cables Adapters Usage: HDMI

Cables Adapters Category: Adapters and Connectors

Cable End 1 Type: USB Type-C

cable length ranging between 0.5 m and 0.9 m

adaptable display modes, including the Copy and Expand Mode

HDMI input supporting a dazzling 4K Ultra HD display

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