Charging Problems

The charging port (charging dock) is one of the most essential parts of an iPhone. If it is damaged, then you will not be able to charge but also connect to a computer via a USB or Bluetooth connection. It may also not be recognized by iTunes. This means you cannot use your iPhone at all.

Dust and water getting into the charging port are one of the main causes of an iPhone not charging. Charging accessories can also be faulty or damaged. Other likely reasons why your iPhone is not charging is that the accessory is not Apple certified or the USB charger does not function as a charging device.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers ready to work on your iPhone as soon as it is delivered. Book your repair online or visit one of our stores today.  We offer same day repairs and are guaranteed to get it ready the following day.

Once the fault is confirmed, ensure that your iPhone charging port is replaced with an original high-quality part. This is because there are many false parts of low quality in the market which will fail prematurely and not be as efficient as the original ones. This will eventually cost you money and time. We offer all customers a 12-month warranty covering the parts on all repairs.

Once you have established your iPhone has a charging problem, it is important to have it checked professionally.