Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box


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Earldom XO-CX011 Magnetic Wireless Charger
Earldom XO-CX011 Magnetic Wireless Charger
Earldom XO-CX011 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Look into the new well organized Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box, a distinctive hub that serves to both organize your space and add a touch of elegance to your home or office. Engineered for adaptability, the CA118 perfectly combines functionality with aesthetic charm, making it perfect for those who appreciate tidiness along with a unique design for multiple accessories. Explore the features below to understand how this storage box can improve your organizational methods.

USB OTG Adapter:

This cleverly designed product effortlessly integrates a USB OTG Adapter, a multi-functional 6-in-1 Charging Cable with a handy holder, and a useful Mobile Card Eject Pin. Its compact and stylish design guarantees that all these vital tools are tidily arranged and readily available, meeting the requirements of tech enthusiasts who prioritize both efficiency and sophistication.

Safe and Efficient SIM Management:

The Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box thoughtfully includes a Mobile Card Taking Pin, a specialized tool designed for the safe and efficient ejection of SIM and memory cards from mobile devices. This minor yet significant feature addresses a common challenge faced by smartphone users, offering a convenient answer for those often-needed instances of swapping or extracting SIM and memory cards.

Enhancing Connectivity:

The Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box features a remarkable USB OTG (On-The-Go) Adaptor, which stands as a cornerstone of its multifunctionality. This adapter enables smooth data exchange and interaction among devices, allowing users to connect various peripherals. The incorporation of the USB OTG Adapter in the Yesido CA118 highlights a dedication to connectivity and ease of use, enabling users to expand their device functionality and experience a more adaptable and efficient mobile journey.

Well Designed and Organized:

The Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box is a masterpiece of design, enhancing not only its usability but also its appearance. Its sleek, contemporary design is tailored to suit the modern lifestyle, blending effortlessly into both professional and personal environments. The focus on an organized Storage box is a key feature of the Yesido CA118, which enables users to neatly arrange and optimize their digital accessories within a single, dedicated storage unit.

Durability and Efficiency:

The Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box wire is designed from a high-toughness material, meticulously engineered to withstand bending and resist breakage under strain. This resilience ensures longevity and reliability, making it an ideal choice for frequent use. Additionally, the box features a thickened copper core, meticulously integrated to minimize resistance and facilitate faster current transmission. The combination of ABS and PVC materials in its construction further contributes to its robustness, offering a sturdy yet flexible solution.

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Model: Yesido CA118 Multifunction Storage Box

Integration Excellence: Seamlessly combines a USB OTG Adaptor, a 6-in-1 Charging Cable with Holder, and a Mobile Card Taking Pin

USB OTG Adaptor: Facilitates seamless data transfer between devices with USB On-The-Go functionality

6-in-1 Charging Cable: Provides versatile charging options for multiple device types, along with a convenient holder for cable management

Mobile Card Taking Pin: Includes a specialized tool for safely ejecting SIM and memory cards from mobile devices

Organization: Empowers you to organize and optimize your digital accessories in one dedicated storage unit

Design: Designed for both practicality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall usability and appearance

Convenience: Offers a comprehensive solution for various digital needs in one compact package

 iMobile's  Multifunction Storage mini magnetic car holders mount phones sustainably. Our holders use recycled plastics and metals. Manufacturing is powered by renewable energy. Customers can choose their preferred eco-friendly holder from many options on our site. We encourage recycling the holders responsibly when upgrading. iMobile provides quality mounting and implements green practices.

iMobile offers a 24-month warranty on all devices, with certain exceptions outlined below. The warranty covers repairs carried out by us, with a minimum 6-month warranty on installed parts. However, physical damage, liquid damage, accidental damage, software tampering, and any replaced/opened parts are excluded from warranty coverage. Users are advised to back up their phone data before returning, as iMobile is not responsible for data loss. The warranty requires a valid proof of purchase and returned items must include all accessories and packaging. Unwanted devices can be returned within 3 days of purchase for a voucher refund, provided they are in the same condition. It is important to note that product descriptions and images are for display purposes only and do not represent the actual product. For more details, please visit the  warranty information.

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